A Different Kind of Health Foundation

ProVention Health

ProVention is a completely different kind of public health foundation. That’s because it is solely focused on promoting prevention.  We are a champion of stopping disease before it starts! We have built enviable partnerships with private companies that look for ways to improve employee health while reducing medical claims and establishing healthier community environments.


ProVention’s mission is to “spark” innovation. Once that spark is created, it takes dozens of partners to fan it into a flame that will create lasting change.  Come and link arms with us to help grow a vibrant culture of health.

Leveraging Partnerships

ProVention leverages the work of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) and its more than 7,000 members.  It has access to federal, state and local health agencies, countless community coalitions, councils and committees, as well as hundreds of public health subject matter experts in every state and US Jurisdiction.

Creating Meaningful Change

ProVention works behind the scene to address meaningful change in the lives of individuals who need food, transportation, education and housing.  It believes in bringing public health solutions to the people – wherever they live, work, play and pray.  Join us in raising generations of healthier, happier and connected communities.

Harnessing Technology

Marketing and messaging are at the core of our projects and initiatives.  We also believe in harnessing technology to play a major role in achieving behavior change. Therefore, we work with cutting-edge technology partners to help tailor their tools to serve the health needs of the public.

ProVention Health Foundation
ProVention Health Foundation

Meet Our Team

Marcus Plescia, M.D.
Board of Directors

John W. Robitscher
Board President

John Patton
Executive Director

David Hoffman, MEd CCE
Board of Directors

Our Core Values

ProVention has a laser focus on preventing, preventable diseases. That starts with education and awareness and is followed by ensuring collaboration, access and outcomes. ProVention has four pillars that guide us:

Trusted Partners

Partners of ProVention Have Access to the Nation’s Leading Public Health Chronic Disease Organization, NACDD (The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors)

Let’s Start a Conversation

Every significant project begins with a simple conversation. It might be five minutes or just five words, but it is where ideas are born.  Whatever you want to share with us – we are ready to hear it.  Please send us your contact information and let’s start a conversation.

Creating Change, Together