It’s time to halt chronic disease.

HALT Chronic Disease

We believe that prevention starts with education and awareness

HALT is the most cost effective and equitable way to help communities prioritize their health through an easy to navigate Health and Lifestyle Training platform. The HALT platform was designed to promote equitable access to life saving health education and promotion programs.

HALT Diabetes was launched in 2019 and is currently licensed by state health departments nationwide.  These health departments provide access to the HALT platform for any organization that is – or wants to – offer the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).  Organizations using HALT include hospitals, primary care offices, community centers, FQHCs, and regional YMCAs, among others.

Learn To Prevent Diabetes At Your Own Pace

HALT Diabetes presents the CDC’s year-long, evidence-based lessons to individuals who currently have prediabetes and want to prevent diabetes.  HALT is unique in the world of online DPP offerings because it is asynchronous, which allows individuals to learn the material whenever is convenient for them.  Each HALT online cohort has a live coach who is available to them by text, phone, or video chat during the program.

Halt Diabetes Is A Game-Changer

According to the disease-prevention community, HALT Diabetes is a complete game-changer for populations who cannot access a structured class schedule every week.  HALT’s pricing model also brings the cost of the National DPP down to just 10% of the average price of other online DPP delivery programs.

As a result, HALT is the most affordable, accessible, and equitable.  Users only need a cell phone signal to begin preventing diabetes in their life.

HALT Stands for Health and Lifestyle Training

HALT stands for Health And Lifestyle Training and is a software platform that delivers various curricula to educate program participants about the connection between lifestyle choices and disease prevention.

HALT is the most cost-effective and equitable way to help communities prioritize their health. We offer an array of programs addressing chronic diseases such as:

type 2 diabetes | Native American| cancer | arthritis | hypertension | obesity | bullying | and more

HALT Resources

The HALT team is proud to support its clients with customized technical assistance, marketing support, and training.

Marketing Materials

Customized marketing materials and strategic planning to reach your populations of focus. Additional onboarding and recruitment materials are available for new HALT websites.

Technical Assistance

Live support team to train and onboard new organizations and coaches. Regularly scheduled HALT user group meetings are also available. We are with you every step of the way!


ProVention is a leading CDC-approved training entity for lifestyle coaches who wish to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Program online or in-person.

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