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ProVention is a different kind of health foundation.  Its mission is to Spark innovation in public health". 

That's because sometimes a spark of innovation is all that is needed to radically impact disease prevention in both large populations and individual lives. 


We believe that prevention starts with education and awareness — in ways that will be timely, modern and relevant.  Marketing and messaging are at the core of our projects and initiatives.  We also believe in harnessing technology to play a major role in achieving behavior change. Therefore we work with cutting-edge technology partners to help tailor their tools to serve the health needs of the public. 

We also believe that housing, transportation, education, job creation and food security are integrally linked to preventing disease and promoting health.  Therefore  we convene conversations that enlarge the tent to include multi-sector partners across public health, health care and private industry.


ProVention has access to governmental agencies, national non-profits, health systems, insurers and private corporations. Convening stakeholders is a central pillar of ProVention's focus and its value.


ProVention's sister organization has over 7,000 disease prevention experts in public health.  That organization is the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) which represents public health leaders in every state and US Jurisdiction. 


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