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Hope Through Radiation

Bringing Cancer Treatment Where None Exists

In Africa, cancer is the leading cause of death, It claims more lives than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. For cancer patients in the US, 60-70% will receive some form of necessary radiation therapy whereas the vast majority of people living in developing nations do not have access to this crucial treatment. The reason is simple – there is a lack of radiation equipment. The worldwide standard for cancer care is that there should be one radiation megavoltage machine for every 100,000 to 200,000 people living in a region. Radiation Hope is dedicated to advancing cancer care in developing countries by addressing this vital need. Radiating Hope is a nonprofit focused on appropriate and necessary treatment and equipment for cancer care. Their mission is to improve cancer care, specifically radiation oncology care, around the globe.

How We Help

With the help of our generous volunteers and donors, Radiating Hope identifies and secures available radiation machines, transports them to developing countries in need, and trains staff on how to use these life-saving machines. Radiating Hope has facilitated successful equipment donations to a host of developing countries, including Panama, Senegal, Ethiopia, Nepal, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Honduras. To date, Radiating Hope has delivered 24 radiation machines, both new and donated, all over the world. Each project is a game changer for the receiving facility and has a huge impact on a country’s future radiation treatment development.

The Prevention Piece

The other side of the treatment coin is prevention. Today, screening for cervical cancer is efficient and economical. Additionally, the application of the HPV vaccine can make cervical cancer nearly obsolete. In order to stem the tide of cancer, prevention must be applied using culturally relevant and realistic strategies. ProVention Health Foundation has partnered with Radiating Hope to bring cancer screening and vaccination best practices everywhere radiation equipment is placed. We will work with the local healthcare providers to develop the most sustainable process possible to educate the population and implement an effective cancer screening and prevention program.Visit their website to read more