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What is ProVention?

ProVention is a new health foundation dedicated to promoting the preventable. 

Simply put, we believe that there are a lot of diseases that can be prevented and that prevention is the answer to our nation's health crisis. 


Unfortunately it is difficult for people to prevent things that they don't know about.  If people didn't know about seat belts or bike helmets, they would never wear them.  Prevention starts with health promotion and disease awareness.  Marketing and messaging is at the core of our projects and initiatives. 

Sample Projects //

Bottomless Fruit Baskets

ProVention is partnering with grocery stores to change the culture of the office breakrooms in America.

Wearable Devices for the DPP.

We believe that wearable devices create awareness of sedentary behavior.  Why not equip every participant in the National Diabetes Prevention Program with a wearable activity tracker?

Vote and Vax.  Could we link election-freedom with healthcare-freedom? ProVention is poised to combine proven election strategies with the proven power of national vaccination.


Rebranding HPV.  HPV vaccination can render cervical cancer obsolete 100% of the time.  But confusing messaging about the vaccination has led to very low uptake among its target audience. ProVention believes that it is possible to change that trend.


Chronic Disease Prevention Explained
HALT Diabetes
ProVention now offers a custom-branded online platform for delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).  This platform includes an engaging, CDC approved video curriculum, photo food logging and easy to use coach dashboards as well as data collection tools for participant reporting.  
This model requires a master license holder and then permits unlimited sublicensees at no additional cost. 
Contact us for a demo and complete explanation.
NEW:  ProVention partners with Novo Nordisk to bring DPP access to Mississippi residents

Through a partnership with Novo Nordisk, ProVention is helping to stand up 12 in-person DPP cohorts across Mississippi.  ProVention has identified three DPP delivery partners to administer the DPP in various counties where prediabetes prevalence is high.  ProVention is also promoting Novo Nordisk's innovative food security program for DPP participants, called Farmhouse To Your House.  Learn more at https://www.novonordisk-us.com/perspectives/farmhouse-to-your-house.html

ProVention has access to over 7,000 disease prevention experts in public health, through the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. 
ProVention has access to the highest public health leaders in every state and US Jurisdiction. 

Prevention success starts by fighting diseases where they intersect with our daily life.


Disease can occur at any stage of life and in any human condition, yet successful prevention inceases when decisions are made at certain junctures of ife and in coordination with certain life decisions. ProVention meets disease and crossroads of known risk factors and daily life.

Proven Domestic Prevention - Ready to Go Global.


ProVention believes in sharing domestic prevention successes with the rest of the world.  Taking proven, evidence-based interventions overseas is a key aspect of ProVention's mission.