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Prevention starts with education and awareness that will radically impact disease prevention in both large populations and individual lives. We leverage the work of our partner the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) and its more than 7,000 members. Thus, we have access to federal, state and local health agencies, countless community coalitions, councils and committees, as well as hundreds of public health subject matter experts in every state and US Jurisdiction.

ProVention is uniquely positioned to stand alongside health systems, corporate employers, community health workers, benefits managers, insurance providers, government health agencies and patient advocacy groups.  It is only through such partnerships that we move the needle toward increased health and wellbeing.  We look forward to partnering with you.


ProVention’s mission is to “Spark” Innovation In Public Health.

Once that spark is created, it takes dozens of partners to fan it into a flame that will create lasting change.  Come and link arms with us to help grow a vibrant culture of health.


A world where prevention is promoted and disease is prevented

Introduction: Why We Partner?

Partnership is the DNA of ProVention. Everything we do involves partners. That’s because of the value that they bring. From their expertise, networks, populations, and communities, our collaborative work becomes more impactful and sustainable because of partnership.

We have the ability to engage subject matter experts from across ProVention’s international, public health community ensuring there is no project we can not tackle. Our unique network and custom-focused, project approach, allows us to have significant flexibility. Our partners are part of our family. Come join us.

Diabetes Action Planning

ProVention provides technical assistance to the chronic disease units of various state health departments that track cases of diabetes in accordance with legislative statutes.

Cholesterol Summits

ProVention convenes regional one-day summits with chronic disease leaders from state health departments and clinical partners to facilitate educational conversations in the areas of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Bullying in Public Schools

ProVention worked with a leading software company to develop avatar-based programs that allow high school students to role-play difficult conversational situations that address ways to reduce bullying.

Medical & Dental Integration Summit

ProVention convened a two-day summit with Chronic Disease Directors and Dental Directors, along with government officials and clinicians to discuss the need for better integration of health services.

Lupus signs & symptoms training

ProVention partnered with university researchers to disseminate training videos for clinicians to better identify the signs of Lupus in patients and communicate effectively with them.

Cervical Cancer Prevention in Africa

ProVention participated in a 30-nation summit in Tanzania to share best practices that reduce cervical cancer through the use of community-level vaccines and school education.

Arthritis Treatment Interventions

ProVention worked with Arthritis experts and local chronic disease officials to pilot ways to promote curriculum-based walking interventions for persons with arthritis.

DPP Lifestyle Coach Training

ProVention is the only lifestyle coach training entity that teaches coaches how to present the National Diabetes Prevention Program to persons with disabilities in addition to the general public

Partnering with ProVention provides you with access to the Nation’s Leading Public Health Chronic Disease Organization, NACDD, governmental agencies, national non-profits, health systems, insurers and private corporations.

Disease prevention, public health experts
Chronic Disease Subject Matter Experts
The CDC & over 100 other local, state and federal agencies
Every health department in all 50 states and 9 US Territories and Jurisdictions

Partnership Spotlight

Radiating Hope

Radiating Hope is dedicated to advancing cancer care in developing countries by addressing this vital need. Radiating Hope is a nonprofit focused on appropriate and necessary treatment and equipment for cancer care. Their mission is to improve cancer care, specifically radiation oncology care, around the globe.

Our Core Values

ProVention has a laser focus on preventing, preventable diseases. That starts with education and awareness and is followed by ensuring collaboration, access and outcomes. ProVention has four pillars that guide us:

Expert Partners Agree

“ProVention is a breath of fresh air in the area of employee health.”

“ProVention’s focus on prevention needs to be the standard-of-care for public health interventions.”

“All of public health can learn from ProVention’s approach to public/private partnerships.”

HALT Online Training

ProVention is a leading CDC-approved training entity for lifestyle coaches who wish to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Program online or in person.


ProVention engages subject matter experts from across ProVention’s international, public health community and creates awareness and radically impact disease prevention.

Trusted Partners

Partners of ProVention Have Access to the Nation’s Leading Public Health Chronic Disease Organization, NACDD (The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors)

Let’s Start a Conversation

Every significant project begins with a simple conversation. It might be five minutes or just five words, but it is where ideas are born.  Whatever you want to share with us – we are ready to hear it.  Please send us your contact information and let’s start a conversation.

Creating Change, Together

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